Vocabulary, Grammar, etc.
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Learning is easier with these educators and their quality ESL videos and exercises.

Jennifer Lebedev has created English with Jennifer.

Personal Enrichment Courses

You need some English skills for USA Learns. We introduce this website in our lessons, but you may decide to take the course by yourself. To enter the training, register for the program at - Beginner who has basic English skills

American Pronunciation

Clarity, Accent Reduction
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Many people love their accent, and just wish to be understood better by Americans. Some wish to speak American English with no accent.

Here are a variety of tools to improve your American accent. Rachel's English is the top channel in American pronunciation. Her videos are somewhat advanced. Also provided are more

We have also provided applications that can be used on your cell phone to improved pronunciation. There are applications for Android and Apple devices.

Pronunciation Apps
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Practice English pronunciation on your cell phone or tablet. Choose Android or iOS (Apple/iTunes). The popular Stavira Pronunciation app and more!


Facilitators, Apps, Websites
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The Internet has all the tools for learning English.

Organic English is designed to help ESL students find the best English tools and use them in their study groups and at home.

Many of our technology tips are also integrated into our ESL videos.