Welcome to Organic English

What is Organic English?

It is Web Social English - ESL

How does it work?

Anyone can create a group of family, friends, and neighbors who want to learn English. Around 6 people is ideal.

Register your group with Organic English organization to receive free access to lessons, instructions, and resources.

At least one group member will need an Internet Connection and computer or tablet.

Also, the group needs a portable whiteboard (office supply ~ $30), and dry erase markers. That’s it.

You can use various device. Most computers, plus some tablets and smart phones will work.

Newer iPads and iPhones with updated OS, youtube app, and Safari also work. Older models may not work well.

What will you learn in your Organic English group?

English as a Second Language: Speaking, Listening, Reading, & Writing.

Also, you will learn how to use computer applications and the Internet as a learning tool you can use your whole life.

You will learn much more, like how to use free websites to learn just about anything, to translate, and perfect your pronunciation, for example.

Who will run the class? A facilitator, chosen by the group to manage the learning modules.

Is the facilitator a teacher who already speaks English? Not at all. He or she is an English learner.

The facilitator is chosen by the group, and should be somewhat computer literate.

The facilitator will lead the group in the online English classes, scheduling gatherings one or two times a week.

The group can meet in the same location, or different locations over times, as long as an internet connection is present.

In the fields? YES!

At what level do we begin?

At the very basic…

Wait! I already know some English. How will that help me?

Organic English is a place to work on pronunciation, as well as discovering how to use the World Wide web as a learning tool.

Advanced English learners can help others in the group to understand the English lessons, too. Later, they will be able to join more advanced groups.

Is there homework or study I can do myself in my own home, away from my study group?

Yes. There will be written exercises you can either print or copy. The lessons are available to you separately.

Also, remember that you will be learning how to find more learning materials on the Internet. You may want to expand your own horizons.

And, how much does this cost?

The program costs nothing. Organic English will raise funding to start and expand the program through “crowd sourcing.”

And ESL (English as a Second Language) Classes? Do we need them?

If no ESL classes are available, Organic English can help tremendously. However, the goal of Organic English is complete English literacy through ESL classes.