• Organic English involves forming groups of family, friends, and neighbors to learn English together inside homes. Since all material is in English (just like ESL classes), a group can be linguistically diverse.
  • The ESL classes would be taught with the help of a special Online ESL Program that is designed for small social groups. This program would evolve in steps.
  • The group chooses a facilitator, who is not a teacher but an English learner, to attend workshops and learn to moderate these classes. The facilitators help to navigate the online program and make sure the groups stay on track. An alternate will also be selected, and these choices reviewed over the progress.
  • The program relies on enrichment material, including infographics, movies, animations, songs, and audios. The English learner will also be taught how to take advantage of the learning resources available on the Internet.
  • This model is intended for English learners living inside the US, and not those in the process of applying for student Visas outside the country. A high degree of English fluency can be achieved without overwhelming the budgets of educational institutions or impacting taxpayers.